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Highlight your talent and potential through online and in person assessments.

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Real-World Projects

Apply your new skills and get to know your peers with real-world projects during in person work sessions.

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1:1 Mentoring

Meet weekly with a Climb Hire alum to work through challenges and gain insight into the industry. They know what you’re going through and can ensure that you crush your interviews and new career.

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Learn + Earn

Earn $75 each week when you complete your assignments.

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Invest in Relationships

Build, leverage, and strengthen your professional network through monthly parties. We take socializing seriously (hint: that’s how you build social capital).


Financial Empowerment

Strengthen your chances to secure a job with our corporate partners and the Climb Hire network of peers.

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Graduation = Own a part of Climb Hire

Once you’ve gotten your certification, you become an owner in Climb Hire’s impact-staffing agency. As a member, you share in the profits when companies hire our graduates.



We all thrive when we take part in a community.  From simple questions, to problem solving  more complex situations, or just having a peer to vent to -- that’s what our community of lifelong learners is all about. We actively stay in touch so that you’re never alone. Did we mention that relationships matter?


Pay it Forward

Once you’ve secured a job that pays 45K or more, you directly give back to the community by paying it forward for the next Climber to go through the program.