Who is eligible to apply for Climb Hire?

  • Working adults, aged 24-30, who want to secure new-collar entry level jobs in technology.

  • If you have some college credit, no degree, and earn less than a livable wage.

  • Candidates with an Associate degree are highly encouraged to apply.

  • We have a separate cohort for those who do have Bachelors degrees and meet the criteria listed above.

How much does your program cost?

You pay nothing upfront— you pay it forward. Once you’ve secured a job that pays 45K or more, you directly give back to the community by paying it forward for the next Climber to go through the program. It’s $150 a month for 4 years. The payments begin only when you’ve achieved your goal of getting a good job. That’s what we call holding ourselves accountable for results.

You become a business owner.

Yeah, you read that right! After completing the program, Climb Hire's graduates become part of a cooperative impact staffing agency. As our network grows and the company gets paid, you will share in the revenue too.

What's the program schedule?

Dates: July 9th through November 29, 2019

Time: Program participants will be able to choose between evening meetups from 6:15-9:15pm (Monday, Wednesday) or (Tuesday, Thursday). Weekend meetups are on Saturdays from 10am-4pm.

Commitment: 100 hours of in person time and 100 hours of online, remote content learning.

Expectations: 90% attendance requirement. Weekly assignments and online learning = 4-6 hours and in person meetings 6 hours.

Stipends: Participant earn stipends when weekly assignments are completed.

Am I a good candidate?

  • Are you a team player or willing to learn how to become one?

  • Do you have the drive to commit to help yourself and others?

  • Are you self-motivated?

  • Do you stick to it even when things get hard or after failure?

You’re a perfect Climber if you said yes to these questions!

What’s are your organization’s values?

Our 3 pillars are: Readiness, Relationships, and Rigor.

We provide the guidance to help you set new goals.
You work hard with your peers to achieve them.
We provide the community to help support you while you learn new skills.
You give back to that community by sharing your knowledge and relationships.
Together we can achieve higher levels.